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You MUST do all 6 trainings BELOW BEFORE you can coach, as well as submit a Covid Vaccination Card or submit a Weekly negative test.


1. Virtus Training, 2. Criminal Background Check, 3. Mandated Reporter Training, 4. 2 different CANTS Forms, 5. Code of Conduct, 6. Concussion Training

Remember to print copies of all certificates to send into Mary Beth Wingert in the Main office and print a set for your own records. 


Click on the links below or Copy and paste the links below into your web browser

1.     Virtus Training and Criminal Background Check   (This has to be done one time only) -Follow the link below and register for a session.







2.     Mandated Reporter Training – (recertification required every 3 years)


Mandated Reporter Training  (recertification required every 3 years)


    3. CANTS FORM(S) – (These need to be turned into the school office every year )


                CANTS 22

CANTS 689: (copy and past the link below in your browser)


    4.Standards of behavior achknowledgment form ( formerly Code of Conduct ) – (This needs to be turned into the school office every year ) -

            Click the link and fill out the form


        Standards of Behavior Acknowledgement Form (formerly Code of Conduct


    5. Concussion Training - (This needs to be done every 2 years)

Instructions for Accessing the IESA Concussion Training Information for SJC Coaches


In order to be in compliance with the new Illinois State Law SB0007/ Public Act 099-0245 Youth Sports Concussion Safety Act, all SJC coaches must complete a 2 hour concussion education program every two years.  The IESA (Illinois Elementary School Association) in conjunction with the IHSA (Illinois High School Association) has developed a state accredited program for elementary/ middle school coaches.

The IESA program is broken into several steps—two video presentations and six articles.  These may all be reviewed in one sitting or broken into as many steps as fits your schedule.  Once you have reviewed the training materials, there is a 30 question (multiple choice) test.  To receive a passing score, you must answer 24 of the 30 questions correctly for a score of 80%.  You may take the test as many times as necessary to achieve the 80% passing grade. IN ORDER TO BE ELIGIBLE TO COACH, YOU MUST FIRST HAVE RECEIVED A PASSING GRADE ON THE TEST. 

 Getting Started:

Go to the IESA website:

Click on ‘MEMBER LOGIN’ at the top left of the page

From the drop down menu on the left, select:  ‘Western Springs St. Johns’

Password:  9e85e2



Ø IHSA/ IESA Video Presentation

On the IESA website ‘Concussion Certification’ page Under Section A, click on the link: ‘IHSA/IESA Video Presentation’ to begin

A pop-up box will appear—enter your name and email address as directed and click ‘submit’

You will then be able to view the presentation—about 30 minutes in total length.

This video may be stopped at any time and you can pick it up right where you left off at a later time.

When you have completed the Video you need to print the certificate by clicking on the “completion criteria

Have been met”. 

Ø NFHS Concussion Course

There is a second video presentation from the NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations) also available for viewing. 

On the IESA website ‘Concussion Certification’ page Under Section A, click on the link: ‘NFHS Concussion Course’.  You will be redirected to the webpage.

You will need to set up an account with NFHSlearn before being able to access the training course.  Click on ‘Register’ in the upper right corner. 

Once you have created your account (password must be at least 8 characters) you may review several courses offered by the NFHS. You will need to scroll down until you see ‘Concussion in Sports’

Click on the Course and you will be redirected to a page where you will be able to order the course.  Select your state and then click ‘order course’.  This will take you through a checkout process. The course is free; you are never prompted to add any payment information.

You can access the course from your receipt page or you can click on ‘dashboard’ at the top of the home page of the NFHS Learning Center.  Then click on ‘my courses’ on the left side of the page. 

This video is about 40 minutes.  Again, you may stop at any time and pick up where you left off at a later date.

Ø Additional Training Information

There are six associated articles posted on the IESA Concussion Certification Page for your review.  Expect to take about 20-30 minutes to review these documents.


Taking the Test

Once you are ready to take the test, on the IESA Concussion Certification page, under Section B select ‘IESA Concussion Test’.  The test consists of 30 multiple choice questions.  To pass the test, you must answer at least 24 of the 30 questions correctly to receive a score of 80%.  You may take the test as many times as necessary to receive a passing score.